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ESP8266: Super compact WiFi Snipper for DeAuth attack

Introduction: Hello world! Few years ago, a new chip came to the market which started a new revolution! Yes, i am talking about the ESP8266. This chip is  way more powerful in terms of CPU architecture, clock frequency, flash size and power consumption if we compare it with existing arduino boards that usually contains Atmel's AVR controllers. ESP-01 Module Actually i bought this ESP-01 modules few years back which was originally flashed with good old serial AT command firmware. Over the time, I figured out that the same chip can be directly programmed through the Arduino IDE. This feature is so amazing that you can practically use all existing arduino libraries and the same IDE to program the ESP8266 according to your need by flashing your own arduino sketch. (Word of caution: It will remove your existing AT commands firmware from the chip) Okay, but why DeAuth? [ First of all you must read  this , if you don't know anything about deauthentication attack. ] A
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Neural artist : Make your own Prisma with deep learning using Python

Introduction: Hello world! After spending a long period with electronics & robotics, now I am working with neural networks & deep learning. We all know that unlike the electronics, human brain doesn't work with binary logic. The thinking approach of human brain is not like a pre-programmed electronic system, instead we can say that thinking ability is dynamic & it posses fuzziness. In simple words, fuzziness can be defined as a state of "may-be" or the state of neither high nor low. Thus, simulating human brain on the computer gives self learning ability to the computer. There is a well known term in computing to simulate the human brain which is called as a "Neural network". Structure of neurons in your brain Similar to human brain, an artificial neural network creates a mathematical model of thousands neurons. This neurons are connected to each other and they can communicate. I hope