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Hi friends...!! Today i am going to show you how to make a simple line tracer robot without using any kind of microcontroller..

The line tracer robot is the autonomous robot which follows the the given black path on white surface.. this robot has ability to sense the given guideline and to drive the motors according to the track as shown in the image.

Line tracer following the the track

You will need following components to make this robot.

  1. LM358 operational amplifier IC
  2. 220 ohm resistor
  3. 1K resistor
  4. infra-red LED
  5. photo-diode
  6. red LED
  7. Geared motors
  8. BC547 transistor  (2N3904 or 2N2222 works better.)
  9. 5K potentiometer
  10. 100 K potentiometer
  11. 9V battery and clip.


Circuit Diagram:

Circuit diagram
i made the above circuit to make this simple line tracer..


Please watch the video for more better understanding of functions and working of robot....


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